Girly Anime MySpace Layouts and Themes

Anime is everywhere these days! What better way to show your love of Japanese art than to sport it all over your MySpace page. Below you can find links to some of the best, cute, and romantic looking MySpace layouts I’ve found on the web! No more need to spend countless hours looking for that perfect one, when it’s all right here.
Butterflies and Flowers : This is a layout themed with what appears to be a similar character to what you could expect to see in Chobits. The color scheme revolves around red and blacks with flower petals and butterflies. It has a somewhat dark, yet elegant appearance.

Dark and Spicy : This is a darker theme with a lot of grey hues. It features a sexier anime character which may add some curiosity to your viewers. If you want a spicier theme without excessive colors, then this is for you.

Gazing above : This is a beautiful theme with a very angelic appearance. The color scheme is revolving around whites and adds a soft eye appeal. If you like artwork that sheds emotion, then this is a great one!

Love My Music : This is an adorable layout! It features a young anime girl listening to music on her CD player. This is a great choice for those who love both music and anime.

Rocker Girl : This layout is a basic tiled style background which causes it to not stand out much on detail. However, the anime girl featured is a cute rocker styled chick. It’s a neat layout for those who have a spunky side.

Get Pink! : Think pink! The creator of this layout did! It has a super cute – and sparkly feel. It features a pink haired girl and her teddy bear.

Have Faith : This is a religious layout which features an anime angel standing in front of the sunset.

Gentle Butterfly : This is a plainer, yet very beautiful layout. It features a light grey and blue color scheme with many butterflies. It gives off a gentle and welcoming feel for your page.

Bikini Time! : Get hot for the summer with this anime girls in bikinis layout! It features a few various anime characters in their bathing suits for the summer.

Romantic Moment : Ah, love is in the air! This romantic anime layout is sure to be a hit. It has many variations of pink and is quite artistic in appearance.

Pink Destiny : A very eye catching pink layout. The color scheme is pink, pink, and pink! It stands out and is coded very nicely.

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