Why Animations Are Popular in Second Life

For anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Second Life world it should be rather obvious that there are plenty of animations that are around the world. Trying to find them all can be a huge task and there are new ones added daily. With prices, features and even types of animations varying significantly it can seem almost impossible to decide exactly what you want, and how to get it. The truth is though, there is very little that animated poses in Second Life cannot do.
From walking, to standing and even running there are animations that can work with your character to really convince you that the avatars within Second Life are real. The vast majority of the animations that are shared around are quite easy to find, however there are some animations that are a bit harder to find and this is where a very lucrative business comes into play. For those who know how to create the animations within second life it is a very popular business that can garner them a large amount of money, for those who are looking to make their avatar really unique it can be a very expensive situation.

Most people discover quickly that Second Life can be exactly like real life in many ways. While you would normally eat and shower within your normal daily life easily, to do this within Second Life requires animations. This means spending money typically but can often be a great and very simple way to get started successfully making your character unique. After all, if you are going to experience the world of Second Life, you should take full advantage of the benefits that are available as well. (more…)

Girly Anime MySpace Layouts and Themes

Anime is everywhere these days! What better way to show your love of Japanese art than to sport it all over your MySpace page. Below you can find links to some of the best, cute, and romantic looking MySpace layouts I’ve found on the web! No more need to spend countless hours looking for that perfect one, when it’s all right here.
Butterflies and Flowers : This is a layout themed with what appears to be a similar character to what you could expect to see in Chobits. The color scheme revolves around red and blacks with flower petals and butterflies. It has a somewhat dark, yet elegant appearance.

Dark and Spicy : This is a darker theme with a lot of grey hues. It features a sexier anime character which may add some curiosity to your viewers. If you want a spicier theme without excessive colors, then this is for you.

Gazing above : This is a beautiful theme with a very angelic appearance. The color scheme is revolving around whites and adds a soft eye appeal. If you like artwork that sheds emotion, then this is a great one! (more…)